Photo A Day

I’ve been toying with an idea.

Creativity, to me, needs to be exercised. Creativity is a craft. If you don’t practice it, you go stale. This applies to any form of creativity, whether it be making shoes (a true craft) or programming. Focusing is a challenge with with everyone I know struggles. Let’s focus on being creative every day of a full year by doing something fairly simple.

Here is your challenge:

  • Take photographs (non-selfies, none of people–too easy and self-centered)
  • Take your best one and post it online. (Twitter, Instagram, or Twenty20) Use the hashtag #photo365
  • Do this every day for a full year. This step requires dedication and focus.
  • The last day must be of the exact same thing you photographed on day one (not just another example).
  • No filters or post processing.
  • You must take and post a photo every day.
  • You can optionally comment or blog about your photo.

This is my plan for 2016. I’ll be positing a photo each day of 2016. Feel free to join me.